Bulang Mountain Raw Puerh – Tea Lux

By Nissan|March 5, 2016|Aged TeaAged Tea,Tastings|1 comments

A terribly designed package doesn’t reflect on the quality of tea. Beautifully crafted tea packages, though, typically hide poorly crafted tea inside. I don’t think much about a package before tasting a tea. This package, however, is hard to ignore. It is possibly the worst packaging I have come across. The tea it contained, however, was a gem. It’s a […]

Sanding down a Tea Pick

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It was a dear friend’s birthday in February. He’s a charismatic fellow with an incredible knowledge of puerh. Whenever he gets a chance, he comes into T Shop hands overflowing with puerh samples. If you want to know more about puerh, I suggest popping your head into his blog, Small Little Adventures. It’s worth looking into. And while you’re there, […]

Muzha Traditional Tieguanyin I

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Glass floored gondolas crawl across the sky of Muzha mountain. As I slid into my seat watching the station set under the gondola, I turned around to see the highlands sprawled out in front of me. A quiet remark in Mandarin drew my attention back inside. A whisper came from across the steel, “What’s in it?” A fair skinned woman […]

Anxi Traditional Tieguanyin

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Somewhere in the vocabulary of relatively fresh tea drinkers, nestled between oxidation and Wuyi, sits the word, Tieguanyin. When a new tea drinker thirsts for knowledge and finds me in the tea room, I ask the same question, “What do you like to drink?” I’m always thrilled when I hear a softly spoken “tieguanyin” floating across the table. Tieguanyin is […]


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If tea tastes like lips, I wonder if yours are white hot storms, or fresh picked greens or red plum-ed cheeks -Nissan

Traditional Tieguanyin

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Tea producing styles shift according to the market. Different styles emerge and what was once popular wanes to meet demand for the next trend. Tieguanyin oolong, known as Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong in the states, is as big a name as Dong Ding. Both of these teas and oolongs as a whole have fallen prey to easier production methods […]

Concubine Tea

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Oriental Beauty oolong, or Bai Hao oolong has gained quite a following recently. The concept arose out of Hsinchu, a northwestern county in Taiwan. Forgive me reader, as I do not know the validity of the story, but the tale speaks of a farmer whose tea crop had been invaded by pests. The farmer chose to continue with production where […]

Traditional Chai

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Note: Simplified Recipe List Located at End of Article. I’m a foot taller than my aunt yet she still tries to pick me up when I visit. We all laugh at the antic but I secretly pray that she doesn’t break her back. She’s the woman who raised me for the first years of my life. I can’t stand the […]

Boiling Tea: Revisiting 1950s Raw Liu Bao

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In the presence of such a venerable, old tea, time becomes a distant construct. It’s only after looking down at an empty cup do we feel the profound debt we owe to the tea that taught us so much. Such a rare tea warrants listening to the tea fully, with ears and eyes open. So after a full session of […]

Wise Old Tea: 1950s – 1990s Raw Liu Bao

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A disclosure upon you, dear Reader, this is a love letter. I must confess I don’t believe in gallant, young half-truths of falling in love at first sight. So it is with heavy heart that I face my own self-confliction. I fell in love with a tea at first taste. I noted something peculiar in my last article, a tea with […]