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Bulang Mountain Raw Puerh – Tea Lux

By Nissan|March 5, 2016|Aged TeaAged Tea,Tastings|1 comments

A terribly designed package doesn’t reflect on the quality of tea. Beautifully crafted tea packages, though, typically hide poorly crafted tea inside. I don’t think much about a package before tasting a tea. This package, however, is hard to ignore. It is possibly the worst packaging I have come across. The tea it contained, however, was a gem. It’s a […]

Sanding down a Tea Pick

By Nissan|March 4, 2016|Teaware|0 comments

It was a dear friend’s birthday in February. He’s a charismatic fellow with an incredible knowledge of puerh. Whenever he gets a chance, he comes into T Shop hands overflowing with puerh samples. If you want to know more about puerh, I suggest popping your head into his blog, Small Little Adventures. It’s worth looking into. And while you’re there, […]