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Bulang Mountain Raw Puerh – Tea Lux

By Nissan|March 5, 2016|Aged TeaAged Tea,Tastings|1 comments

A terribly designed package doesn’t reflect on the quality of tea. Beautifully crafted tea packages, though, typically hide poorly crafted tea inside. I don’t think much about a package before tasting a tea. This package, however, is hard to ignore. It is possibly the worst packaging I have come across. The tea it contained, however, was a gem. It’s a […]

Boiling Tea: Revisiting 1950s Raw Liu Bao

By Nissan|September 22, 2015|Aged TeaAged Tea,Tastings|0 comments

In the presence of such a venerable, old tea, time becomes a distant construct. It’s only after looking down at an empty cup do we feel the profound debt we owe to the tea that taught us so much. Such a rare tea warrants listening to the tea fully, with ears and eyes open. So after a full session of […]

Wise Old Tea: 1950s – 1990s Raw Liu Bao

By Nissan|September 21, 2015|Aged TeaAged Tea,Tastings|6 comments

A disclosure upon you, dear Reader, this is a love letter. I must confess I don’t believe in gallant, young half-truths of falling in love at first sight. So it is with heavy heart that I face my own self-confliction. I fell in love with a tea at first taste. I noted something peculiar in my last article, a tea with […]

Wise Old Tea: A 1960s Aged Oolong

By Nissan|September 17, 2015|Aged TeaAged Tea,Tastings|0 comments

A chill in the air deafened the heat in NY the last three days. Thank goodness. My room was getting pretty muggy at night. It’s the signaling of the changing seasons and is a wonderful opportunity to try new teas or rediscover old ones. So when Theresa Wong phoned me asking to join her for a tasting of an aged […]