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Muzha Traditional Tieguanyin I

By Nissan|December 17, 2015|Tastings|0 comments

Glass floored gondolas crawl across the sky of Muzha mountain. As I slid into my seat watching the station set under the gondola, I turned around to see the highlands sprawled out in front of me. A quiet remark in Mandarin drew my attention back inside. A whisper came from across the steel, “What’s in it?” A fair skinned woman […]

Anxi Traditional Tieguanyin

By Nissan|December 9, 2015|Tastings|0 comments

Somewhere in the vocabulary of relatively fresh tea drinkers, nestled between oxidation and Wuyi, sits the word, Tieguanyin. When a new tea drinker thirsts for knowledge and finds me in the tea room, I ask the same question, “What do you like to drink?” I’m always thrilled when I hear a softly spoken “tieguanyin” floating across the table. Tieguanyin is […]


By Nissan|December 5, 2015|Poetry|2 comments

If tea tastes like lips, I wonder if yours are white hot storms, or fresh picked greens or red plum-ed cheeks -Nissan

Traditional Tieguanyin

By Nissan|December 3, 2015|Tastings|0 comments

Tea producing styles shift according to the market. Different styles emerge and what was once popular wanes to meet demand for the next trend. Tieguanyin oolong, known as Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong in the states, is as big a name as Dong Ding. Both of these teas and oolongs as a whole have fallen prey to easier production methods […]