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On the Importance of Teachers

By Nissan|September 20, 2015|Musings|0 comments

When I first began making tea, I bought a travel gaiwan and practiced everyday. I would sit and exhaust the tea but I stood up unsatisfied every time. Eventually, my stock of vietnamese Dong Ding shrank to a quarter of what I started but I had grasped what I liked and disliked. It took over half a kilo to understand […]

First Cup

By Nissan|September 16, 2015|Musings|0 comments

Each day, my journal gives me a deep, blank stare. More and more, I find myself giving it an equally blank stare back before I close it shut. The most difficult part of anything is beginning. So in this new digital, open-book, bare-skinned version of my daily musings, I humbly offer tea advice to you, my Inquisitive Reader. This is […]